A Salute to our Veterans…

A Salute to our Veterans…

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As tomorrow is Veteran’s Day, I wanted to take time to share my thoughts and deep felt thanks to the men and women who sacrificed their time with family, their plans for the future, their health and in some cases their lives to defend this great country we live in.   Their sacrifice was to ensure the citizens of this nation continue to enjoy the freedoms, rights and privileges we exercise every day as Americans.

Thank you, however, just isn’t enough to repay what our veterans have given to us.  While it may make us feel better when we say it, thank you is surely not enough.  Until this nation demands and guarantees that our veterans are given the services, treatments and job opportunities to those who are lucky enough to return home, it will never be enough.

Losing two brothers who were Veterans of the Vietnam war makes this Veteran’s Day all the more bitter sweet.   Both were men of honor, who trusted in our government and our citizens to support their commitment to fight, to serve and displayed great courage as young men by going off to war from which they knew, they may not return from. They both loved this country, and were proud to be Americans.  I know there are millions of Americans who feel the same pain and loss whether it was 70 years ago or 1 month ago and yet, we as the benefactors of their service continue to fall short of showing the very characteristics they exemplified as they left to fight another war on our behalf.

My brothers were true patriots and they are the symbol of the company my husband and I started to give back to our communities and to help those in need of solutions to their real estate problems.   True Patriot Homes, LLC was founded with honor, courage, trust and commitment as the fundamental character of what we do in every aspect of the business.

It is our goal to be part of the effort to change how we support our Veterans when they return and when they are in active service to this country.  Let’s not have another year go by without this desperately needed change.   We owe them that at least that.

Glenda Schreiner

True Patriot Homes, LLC




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