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     As we bring 2016 to a close, it is fitting to look back at the year passing and wonder in some cases, how
we ever got through it!
      For me, I lost a brother and almost lost my niece! Those two incidents reminded me to stop dwelling on the little things that conjure up anger and frustration throughout our lives and consider more poignantly, those people and issues that really mean something to all of us.  A reflection on such matters as the health and welfare of our families and our true friends; the time we spend with them and what they mean to us allows us to re-evaluate where on the list they fall. Hopefully, it is at the top of the list as no other gift is as precious as our family and dear friends.
      Issues, such as the continuous strive for equality for all mankind regardless of color, creed or religion is
noble and important, but let us not single out a few to recompense or over compensate for the sins of
the past! It starts the cycle all over again and it gets more vicious and pushes us further from our initial
goal each time. We truly need to keep at it without allowing the pendulum to swing too far to the right
or left. Respect for all lives, because quite frankly and regardless of the latest slogans, ALL Lives
Human kindness is another issue we tend to harp on as lost, but I have to be honest, we don’t look too
deep to uncover the millions of wonderful human beings who take time out of their lives and practice
every day to care for others. Whether it is to open a door for those behind you or to spend time with
the affirmed or initiate programs for those who have less, we do it all the time without the expectation
of being publicly acknowledged or getting anything in return. Believe in your fellow man because they
alone are the only ones who can make or change the wrongs and make them right.
     I am personally looking forward to 2017. Why, you ask? Because with the New Year, there is new
beginnings, new opportunities and promise. I know that I am only part of the whole and that I have
work to do as there is always a great deal of work to do regardless of the path you choose to take. But
heck, I get to start fresh, baggage notwithstanding, I have experienced another year of learning and
improving my life, relationships with my associates and friends and my business.
Happy New Year!
Glenda L. Schreiner @ True Patriot Homes, LLC

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