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What was once an everyday certainty is now a rare commodity.  In the early days of America Trust was an intricate part of every community.  Small towns were built, protected and maintained with Trust.  Trusting your neighbor to watch your land along with his and to tell you if he sees anything suspicious was an important part of community relations.  Trusting your friends to take care of your family if anything happens to you is why you want to choose a good neighborhood of people.  Trust that if your kids are getting into trouble the community will send them home or at least let you know that they need attention.


People make better decisions and plans of action when they have true facts to draw on.  At one time a promise and handshake is all that was needed to make a deal.  There were more men of integrity than not.  People held their integrity with high regard for their own sake.  Today people lie to themselves as much as to others.  Decisions made on lies do make things better but worse.



The courage to do what’s right when no one is looking is the definition of true courage.  The courage to be yourself despite the criticism of a judgmental society that frown’s on anyone who chooses to be different is true courage.



True Patriot Homes, LLC has made a commitment to provide exceptional, honest, trustworthy service to our fellow community neighbors.  We renovate our homes with the same highest quality materials and workmanship possible no matter the neighborhood or price variation of the community.

True Patriot Homes, LLC is a residential redevelopment company that believes, lives by and exhibits all of these qualities.  We treat everyone fairly and strive for the “Win Win” deals.


use the quick no hassle process when buying homes.

renovate homes with quality as a priority.

sell the renovated homes with good value.


Call us with your real estate needs – 480-360-1300.





True Patriot Homes, LLC is not a real estate brokerage as defined by the Arizona Department of Real Estate.  However, there are licensed Realtors and/or Real Estate Agents/Brokers on staff.


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